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I had turned over my entire 401(k) to the stock market. It went down along with everybody else’s, and that was a real problem for me because that money [was] for [my] retirement. That was the biggest selling point for me when I heard [Ron and Christie’s] presentation; you don’t lose anything. It took me a long time to comprehend that, but I have seen the stock market go up and down since then … and it’s just been fantastic. I’d hate to see where my money would have been if I’d left it in the stock market. One thing I worried about, too, was if I would be able to borrow from it if I needed to, and I’ve already done that with no problem [and] no fees.

Dianna B.

I’m very, very content, because when I first got into a position when I could invest, I had a lot of questions, and, as it turned out, I originally didn’t get the right answers and ended up with a little problem. But we caught it in time, and I got ahold of [One Family Financial], and [they] spoke a language I could understand. I think my wife and I are pretty happy with the way things have turned out. They took a real interest in the individual. I feel a lot of confidence in dealing with them and consider them friends more than financial advisors.

Bob M.

We came over there about two years ago and put a stop to the fall. We’re well-pleased. If [they] can just keep growing our money the way [they’ve] done the last two years, we’ll get to maybe retire sooner than we thought. Keep up the good work. [They] are good folks; you can trust the people here.

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